We know it’s on short notice, but Stana’s 40th birthday is too important for us not to do anything. So, along with Stana Katic Brasil, we’re hosting this birthday project that fits Stana (and Beckett, and ourselves!) perfectly.

Stana has always taught us to love and respect wildlife. Elephants are a symbol of our fandom, so we’ll sponsor the care of an elephant at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for one year, on Stana’s behalf!


About DSWT:
DSWT are pioneers in the rescue, rehabilitation & release of orphaned baby elephants in Kenya. They take in calves whose mothers either died due to disease, drought or were killed by poachers, and give them all they need to grow healthy and apt to return to the wild when they grow up.

We all heard the news about the last male northern white rhino dying recently, and we can’t fathom something like this ever happening to elephants. DSWT is doing their best to help protect them.

If this acronym seems familiar it’s because Stana follows them on Twitter and has both quoted and retweeted their work multiple times!


But how do we go about fostering an elephant?
This is how it works: for US$50, you can sponsor an animal for a whole year. Besides knowing we’re helping an orphaned baby elephant, we’ll also get:

–   A fostering certificate with a profile and photograph of your adopted orphan;
–   An interactive map indicating where your orphan was found and a description of the habitat and the plight of the elephants in that particular area;
–   A monthly summary highlighting events of the previous month together with a direct link to the “Keepers Diary” for the elephant – where you will be able to access the daily calendar entries and the monthly photos;
–   A collectible monthly watercolor by Angela Sheldrick.

All of this comes in digital formats, making it easier to send it all to Stana via email, Twitter, wherever!


Who will we be fostering?
It’s unbelievable that those majestic animals, the biggest mammals walking the Earth, are still murdered purely to satisfy greedy humans seeking their ivory. DSWT has maaaaany orphaned elephants (and some rhinos and giraffes!) to chose from, but because of our beloved Kate Beckett, we looked for females that lost their mothers to poachers.

Younger animals are usually more popular, so we chose Tumaren, a 9 year-old independent orphan that still needs care, medicine, food, and love. She was found when she was 10 month-old by her mom’s side, who was dying from poisoning.


How can I help?
To make fostering Tumaren possible, we need your donations. We’ve split the total into quotas of US$3 (via Paypal) , to be sent via Paypal (they charge fees for each transaction, so only about U$2,50 will actually go to our crowdfunding). If you want to donate more than one quota, please feel free to do so! We need at least 20 quotas to be able to foster our little elephant for one year, but if we raise more than that, that’s alright! All the money donated will go directly into sponsoring our girl for as long as possible.

If people really turn up and we get 40 quotas, we’ll look into fostering a second elephant (Zongoloni, an adolescent orphan of 6 years old who lost her mom when she was 18 months old)

On April 26, we’ll send all the info about the project and Tumaren to Stana via e-mail, along with the names of everyone who donated and made the fostering possible.

If you’re interested in joining this project, please send an e-mail to (contato@stanakaticbrasil.com), with the subject “Elefanta“. The deadline to donate is April 22nd, so we can get everything ready before the 26th.

I’d love to help, but unfortunately, I can’t afford it right now…
That’s alright! You can help out by spreading the word about it and inviting other fans to participate!

Our project has a special webpage only for it. Where you can learn the history of all the adopted elephants, see photos and follow the monthly reports sent by DSWT. Access the page here: They Never Forget