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Birthday Project: They Never Forget

We know it’s on short notice, but Stana’s 40th birthday is too important for us not to do anything. So, along with Stana Katic Brasil, we’re hosting this birthday project that fits Stana (and Beckett, and ourselves!) perfectly. Stana has always taught us to...
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Christmas Project 2017

Hello #StanenseSociety!   In TST Year 2 Nº 11 we talked about our Christmas Project in partnership with Stana Katic Brasil. We present to you an idea and we were to give more information when the Post Office made available the places for adoption...
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Katherine Houghton Beckett

#IStandWithStana By The Stana Times. Last week we were surprised by the information that Stana and Tamala were no longer part of the Castle cast (for a possible season 9) and just as it happened to Penny Johnson last year, this disturbed the fans. To...
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