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2015-12-13-lioneldeluy_1The TST squad decided to “be fearless and roar”, and going after our dream of expanding this newspaper and give to all of you, our dear readers, more fun, and information. So, we decided to include a non-periodic column with articles or interviews involving Stana, somehow.
Yup, we’ll try to contact people who work or have worked with her. People who we admire or who inspire us in some way. This column will be as often as possible, but unfortunately, perhaps not as often as we would like. So do not give up on us, and feel free to send your suggestions of materials or interviews to TST. After all, this is our newspaper, Stana fans. 

The list of possible “guests” is large, but due to the great influence he has on our profiles, Twitter and Facebook, and the great love that everyone has for his photography, the first respondent is Lionel Deluy. That’s right, the fantastic French photography and a Los Angeles lover. The guy who can leave Stana even more beautiful and capture the soul of the target model with his camera. And as we have said, I think our profiles on social networks make clear our love and admiration for his work.
After reading this interview, I bet that you will fall even more in love with Lionel Deluy as we did.

Lionel Deluy was born in France but soon discovered that he wanted to live in the United States, Los Angeles to be more specific. Deluy is also an animal’s lover , especially for his dog, a cute “lady” that accompanies him on many occasions. If you like photography, worth know other works of Deluy, in addition to the Stana photos. Make a visit on Deluy Official Website, Facebook, InstagramTumblr e Pinterest.
Deluy is well known for his essays with celebrities, a very famous essay was a campaign for Sephora, made with Katherine von Drachenberg, aka Kat Von D, the tattoo artist.
Now that you know a little more about Lionel Deluy, let’s go to the interview.

The Stana Times – How did you figure out that you would like to be a professional photographer? Or Celebrity photographer
as people say?
Lionel Deluy Everything comes naturally. Since I can remember I have always been in love with photography. Since I can remember the only career I’d love to pursue was to be a photographer, and live in Los Angeles. All this come from my early age, reading every month my favorite magazine, French Photo. The editor of French Photo Eric Colmet-dage used to be in love with Los Angeles and most of the photo shoots at the time in French Photo were shot here in Los Angeles. When I moved to Los Angeles 20 years ago, we didn’t have any fashion here and only a few magazines. All the industry at the time was in Paris, NY and Milan. It was a natural way to start to shoot Celebrities in Hollywood, at the time only a few photographer’s used to do it. It was not taken really seriously. You need to remember, before having celebrities on the cover, it was always a model.


TST – Do you have a favorite photo taken by you? Could you tell us which one is the favorite and why?
LD – I recently took a photo of Gary Oldman with blood on his hands, fake blood. It is always a challenge for me to take photos of a great actor. They can give you so much if you know how to take it.

TST – We know that being a photographer is so much more than just pressing a button, so how is it likein a photoshoot? How do you prepare yourself to take the pictures? And what do you do to keep it creative and to keep yourself creative?
LD – I think it’s all about connection. It needs to be really personal, to try to make one, with the person you photography. A connection. The deeper the connection, the deeper you can reach inside. Trying to give a reflection of all you are feeling.

TST – If you were not a photographer what do you think you would be?
LD – A photographer.

As I told you, being part of The Stana Times I would like to ask something that involves Stana Katic. In her last photoshoot with you, by the photos we saw, including both websites and Instagram.  She seemed very comfortable around you and the photos are awesome! You always catch the best of Stana in your photos, so, how is she inside the studio when you are working? She is serious and all concentrated or she is more relax and funny as she seems at the photos?
LD – I have something special with Stana, first I think she is beautiful smart funny and it is always more easy to photography someone like that. She has this ability to give so much , everything feels sincere with her. The way she smiles, the way she laughs, the way she speaks with you , the way she looks at you. She loves the camera and the camera loves her. Every time I photograph her there is a connection.
(TST note: We feel you. We can feel this connection even through the social network.  <3)

TST – To sum up, if you have an advice to amateur photographers to take great pictures like yours, feel free to share it with us. 😉
LD – Just be yourself, don’t listen to what people are going to tell you.
And never stop to believe in yourself.
Be different and before everything, enjoy and have fun.

Thank you, Lionel Deluy for giving us a little of your time and provide us this beautiful interview. <3

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