By The Stana Times.

Last week we were surprised by the information that Stana and Tamala were no longer part of the Castle cast (for a possible season 9) and just as it happened to Penny Johnson last year, this disturbed the fans. To most Stana fans, it was time for her to leave, but the way ABC announced the end of her contracts and the impossibility of a renovation that shocked us all. The network’s attitude was preposterous, disrespectful and sexist. An attitude that, unfortunately, we are used to seeing against women. However, ABC doesn’t deserve our attention, so let’s talk about the wonderful actresses Penny, Tamala and Stana, that as women and workers, fight for equality and should at least have been treated with respect and dignity.

Victoria Gates
Castle fans were not ok with the “expulsion” of Captain Gates last year, the strong woman who commanded the 12th with iron fists. Victoria Gates arrived stealthily and was even hated by the fans in the beginning because she showed firmness and coolness with our protected KBecks. In her first episode, Gates clashes with KBecks perhaps to show her who was the boss, but over the episodes and seasons, Captain showed us she could be protective and conquered our hearts. Gates was almost a mother to all of us and I think that is why her “expulsion” of Castle was so painful. We have learned to love Gates and we’re grateful to have had the opportunity to know more of Penny’s work. Thanks, Penny, Gates will forever be our Captain.

Lanie Parish
A year later, ABC repeats the mistake and “expelled” out of the blue, our favorite Medical Examiner, Lanie Parish. Lanie was a friend that we all have or would like to. She tells the truth, always. Lanie was the one who helped Beckett go through moments of doubt, crushes, jealousy and sadness. How to forget Lanie saying that Beckett should declare her love to Castle and then when he arrived with that flight attendant, slipped away under the withering of Beckett’s look? Or the support when Castle was incriminated by 3XK and our protected burst into tears reading fake emails. Lanie is Beckett’s best friend. And us fans, when we didn’t want to be Beckett we wanted to be her best friend. Lanie thank you for being there, next to Beckett, representing us. <3 Thanks, Tamala Jones!



Well, what about Katherine Houghton Beckett? I could write pages and pages and you probably would read it happily (not for the writer, but because is about Beckett haha), so I’ll try to be objective. Kate Beckett or Katherine Houghton Beckett is one fascinating character. She is strong, weak, funny, serious, gentle, tough, smart, friendly, kind, sarcastic, sassy (and the list goes on). She is a BADASS, a complete character. With Kbex, we learned a lot about ourselves. We learned we can be romantic without being silly and can falter while being strong, we learned that there are bad days, but “Even on the worst day there’s a Possibility for joy”. She taught us that we can be broken on the inside or we can have faults, but if we want to if we fight, we are strong enough to overcome those walls. We are strong enough to deal with our own problems and go through the adversity. Kate taught us that failure is normal and if we want, we can be better – “I wanna be more than who I am”. Broken, full of insecurities and stubborn, Kbecks decided that it was time to change. She fought against her own barriers, learned how to prioritize things and got where she always wanted to be, in life and in her relationship with Castle. This is Beckett, that’s our hero. A character so deep and human that seems to be real and for us, SHE IS. I want to be Beckett, just as you want it too. I fight every day to be better because she taught me that I can. That was a little bit of who is Beckett for Castle fans. Individualities and peculiarities aside, we all see Beckett as an example. Seeing her go hurts. It hurts in a way that I never thought was possible. It’s like having a piece of my heart, a piece of me torn out. What helps me move on? Kate Beckett. She would’ve never given up. Just as she is a model to me, Johanna was to her and Beckett never gave up or forgot her mother, so we’ll never give up or forget Beckett. We’ll keep dropping our barriers, insecurities or our fears and whenever we need, Beckett will be there, in a photo, video or gif. Our solid ground, Always!

I could never talk about Kate without talking about Stana. I think that is common to all of us that Stana has a lot of Beckett and Beckett has a lot of Stana. Stana is so dedicated to her roles that we can always identify a little bit of her in the characters. With Beckett it wasn’t different, who never watched an episode and thought “Beckett your Stana is showing”? She built this character throughout 8 years, she created every feeling and expression of Kate. Even the moments that we never witnessed Stana created, it was necessary to show us all the emotional side of the character, so for her was necessary to know the past of KBecks. I know, MilMar was who created Beckett, but Stana turned it into art. I can’t imagine Beckett played by another actress. With the development of Kate, we saw eight years of Stana’s development. That young woman, a girl, knew nothing about TV. She learned, grew, stood out and shined. Stana with her odd gracefulness captivated us and made sure we looked to Beckett and asked ourselves, who is this actress? Who is Stana Katic? And we investigate thoroughly, as we learned from KBex and found that in addition to the fictional character, we had a meat and bone whole model called Stana Katic. We found that she isn’t just a pretty face, she is much more than that, she’s extraordinary. I don’t need to talk more about this girl, we all know who is Stana Katic and the name of this paper gives an idea of how inspiring she can be.

Stana, thank you for giving us Beckett, so flawed that she seems perfect. Thanks for the hard work and for your dedication to the fans. Thank you for sharing a bit of your life with us. Thanks for the incredible friends you indirectly gave to us. Thank you for smiling when you see your fans waiting for you, for reciprocate this love that sometimes suffocates you. Thank you for answering our questions and to create a country only ours. Thanks for suggesting arts, music, movies and books that inspired you, so they can also inspire us. Thank you for always trying to keep us close, although this is not necessary because no connection is stronger and pure love we feel. Thank you for teaching us and inspiring us every day. Thank you simply for being who you are, to exist.

We, from The Times Stana, will always support you, no matter the direction of your career or your decisions. Even if one day this newspaper die or you decide to quit acting, these seven people (Agnes, Betina, Emily, Gabrielle, Juliana, Lisa, Renata, Almudena and Isabelle) behind the scenes on TST will continue to support you and admiring you. Always <3