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In TST Year 2 Nº 11 we talked about our Christmas Project in partnership with Stana Katic Brasil.
We present to you an idea and we were to give more information when the Post Office made available the places for adoption and delivery of the Santa’s letters. Well, on November 10, 2017, the Post Office blog get online with all the information about their campaign and how to participate.

For 28 years, the Post Office has created the Post Office Santa Claus Campaign where the community can adopt one or more letters and fulfill the wishes of children. The idea is to give a little bit of hope and affection to the children with lower purchasing power and still encourage them to write, something very important for their future. There are thousands of letters every year and the post office staff select them and making available to the public pick one or more letters.

To participate, you have to go to one of the participating Postal Office Agencies in your city, choose one or more letters and deliver the gift in the indicated place and until the deadline settled down by the Post Office. Each participating city has established its days for adoption and collection. In most agencies, collections range from Nov 13th to Nov 30th and delivery begins in December. Enter the Santa’s Post Office map and check the locations and dates of your city.

f your city does not have a Post Office, do not worry, because Santa Claus this year also happens on the Internet. Unfortunately, this news does not reach the whole country, only the cities of Belém, Cuiabá, Porto Alegre, Recife and São Paulo (metropolitan region). The online donation of Santa letters runs from Nov 13th to Nov 24th.

And you who do not live in Brazil can also participate by helping your local community. Locate daycare centers, orphanages, refugee centers or children’s hospitals in your city that have a Christmas campaign and give a little love and hope to these children.

If you do not know any Christmas campaign in your city, here are some NGO links around the world that will be immensely grateful for your help.

Refugees International

Global Giving

International Committee of the Red Cross

Save The Children


Doctors Without Borders

Stana always shows her solidarity side and every year visits the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. We at TST and SKBr believe that helping the neediest does the soul and heart well, and having Stana as a model only makes us want to distribute even more love for the world. So even if for you Christmas has no meaning think of this time as an opportunity to distribute a little more peace and love.