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From Sao Paulo, Ceará and Bahia (Brazil). An official admirer of intelligent and independent women like Stana Katic. Addicted to TV shows, books, and naps. Stana won my love in the first episode of Castle, while the series only won it in the ninth. I function with coffee and the urge to travel. I roar, I’m fearless and I chase my dreams.


From Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, by birth and from the world by passion. Crazy about TV shows and pop culture in general – including all possible cliches. I suffer from the terrible Wanderlust. I’m inspired by the Lion King’s hymn “Circle of Life” because… “there’s more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done”. I learned to drink coffee watching Gilmore Girls, and since then I have been cultivating this addiction. I discovered Stana by chance but I chose to have her as a role model. I saw her once, only from far, but I believe with all my faith that one day I will see her up close. While this day doesn’t come, I’ll continue, from a distance, from the south of Brazil, admiring this amazing actress and person.


A Sao Paulo born who loves to start a new TV show even though she already has several to put up to date. One day when she did that, she discovered a love that she thought was not possible for the Emmy deserved but yet to be nominated, the actress Stana Katic. I am a reader and traveller in my spare time, a professional procrastinator and a walking container of blood, water, and memes, who goes out there sending one meme at a time. But it’s like that saying (well, if you’re from Brazil): what can we do, right? If I go, I go.


Paulistana of birth, paulista when a child and Gaucha for the moment. Free time is an illusion, but the gift of sleep for just a few hours and then continuing to be productive opens space for fun. Stana Katic is my biggest inspiration. I discovered an overwhelming passion for this woman in seeing her play Beckett, a strong character with such human flaws that makes her real. Compared to Beckett by her own mother, I decided that “I want to be more than who I am”. I have addictions in other series and I am crazy about books, photography, and dogs. People say I’m an alien. I need to be independent and free, besides, I love travelling and, if I could, I would live travelling the world.

The beginning

The Stana Times came out of a joke with the hashtag "Sociedade Stanense". Our partner, the fansite Stana Katic Brasil, made a post requesting to everyone the withdrawal and non-disclosure of some photos of the film Sister Cities, and Tata retweeted using the hashtag "Sociedade Stanense", as a fun way to get attention from the fans and help the SKBr words.

The hashtag got the attention of Agnes, who pointed out how much that looked like a newspaper headline. So just like that, the joke started. The two, Tata and Agnes, began to play with famous newspapers' names with Stana's name in the middle, slogans, and new headlines.

Another future member of TST, Juliana, arrived with the logo The Stana Times and conquered everyone. The chat became serious and Betina came in wanting to participate and willing to help in anything, just did not want to stay out.

After long conversations on Twitter and advice from Gabs (SKBr), the newspaper began to take shape and became a real project on November 8th, 2015. And soon after being released, we received as a gift from Adriana Jucá (maybe our 1# fan), our slogan: An informative is just an informative, a newspaper is The Stana Times.

The newspaper

The intention is to share information about the actress Stana Katic and her fandom in a different way from her fansites and her official website. The news published won't necessarily be current and may have content indirectly related to the actress.

The Stana Times has two formats:

TSTxpress, a short and weekly version of The Stana Times, where you can find a little of what happened during the week, some highlight of Stana Katic's career, Fanfic's recommendation and the weekly quote. And, in the #StanaSociety section, we announce the final dates for sending the messages to Stana, which will be published in the monthly issue. The TSTexpress is published on Sundays at 3:00 PM (Brasília time) on our Twitter and Facebook.

TST is the extended and monthly version of the newspaper. In it you can find the main events involving Stana in social networks; Important notes to us, fans; Details of projects and travels; Reviews on movies, books, songs and series suggested by Stana; As well as a separate session to share messages to Stana, curiosities about her and artistic content made by fans, with an obituary for those who were mentioned by the actress (and therefore probably stopped breathing, hence the obituary) in the referred month. TST sometimes has exclusives interviews. Publications occur on the last day of each month.

You can also participate in this project by sending your ideas, your suggestions, your art, and your message to Stana through our social networks - Twitter: @TheStanaTimes & Facebook: The Stana Times -, our email:, or the contact area of our website.

Note: We don't have any contact whatsoever with Stana or her agents. This is a just a newspaper created by fans with the sole purpose of entertaining other fans and extol Stana's work. We respect her personal life, thus any content we publish here won't be invasive or disrespectful to her. Paparazzi photos are, by all means, prohibited. In case you feel impaired due to any post or photo that wasn't credited, please contact us, and we'll be happy to solve the problem, either by removing the content if you wish to or just simply giving the due credit.